December 5, 2017

IAS Chapter

Industry Applications Society Goals

The Industry Applications Society, as a transnational organization, is interested in advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering in the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems, apparatus, devices and controls to the processes and equipment of industry and commerce.

IAT visit

The Company IAT visit was really unforgettable! It was a great opportunity to spend enough time with technical people and gain professional skills. I would like to thank the Company IAT for the warm welcome that we received and all the IEEE IAS ENIT Student Chapter’s members who participated in this visit.


Thanks to Mrs Nadia BAHRIA, our trainer, we managed to introduce the basics of ERP. She initiated the training with a brief introduction to the MRP’s necessity in every company and the softwares that are commonly used. We used the demo version of ‘Prelude7’ in order to learn the manufacturing steps of a product we chose. First, she started by inserting the data needed in the manufacturing process. After receiving a sales order, we calculate the time needed to make each semi-final product and based on that, plan the procurement of the supplies in a way that we eliminate any risk of delay.

It was a very enriching training session that we all learned from !

NLP Training session

were delighted to attend a workshop about body language also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming (known as PNL in French) lead by mr Lotfi Cherif.

With his enthusiastic way of introducing us to NLP, he kept us eager to learn more about it. He gave us little exercises that were, surprisingly, quite challenging. We defied our own limits without even realising it and we’ve actually figured out few delightful hidden traits about our personalities. He combined between introducing videos, tricky images, games that led to inevitable laugher. We quite enjoyed ourselves and learnt a lot of new things about one another and were amazed by the bravery of some of us. We can’t wait to put in action the precious things we’ve learnt from this workshop.


IAS ENIT SBC organized a company visit to ACTIA Group which is an international group from Toulouse, specialized in electronic embedded systems with high added value markets for vehicles and telecommunications. We got the chance to visit the place where all innovative technologies are created and discovered how the firm is customized to fulfill this purpose in very beautiful way, you can actually see it in the variety of colours in each department that symbolise innovation for new ideas ,stability for big projects,serenity to work at ease and encouragement to take risks.

We went through almost every single phase of the work, starting with the customer’s needs, going through ideation and modelisation, guaranteeing the good quality in every step of the project to finally obtain the final product that can be sent to be tested and approved.
We really learned a lot about how such a Group operates and how complicated but yet amazing the world of industry is.

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